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Principal’s Desk

DPS Vikasnagar

Ms. Kumar’s journey in education is truly remarkable, spanning over two decades of dedication and innovation. Starting as a teacher 25 years ago, she has evolved into a leader shaping the future of education. Her academic background, including a master’s in education and leadership from Roehampton University London, reflects her commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Her approach to education, focusing on experiential learning and holistic development, resonates deeply. By nurturing children with the right environment, she believes they can surpass their potential and become global citizens equipped with 21st-century skills. This vision underscores her belief in instilling not only academic excellence but also emotional intelligence and social responsibility.

Ms. Kumar’s leadership roles at renowned institutions like Welham Boys’ School and Woodstock School demonstrate her capacity to inspire and drive positive change. Mentored as Academic Dean, she trained staff, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Her accolades, including awards for fostering critical thinking, Critical Thinking Consortium Canada, 2005 and excellence in education award, Vivek High School Chandigarh, 2004-2005, highlight her impact and recognition within the education community. The recent Uttarakhand Educator's Award as a Change Maker Principal, 2023 further validates her tireless efforts in advancing education.

In the face of the digital age and the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ms. Kumar remains steadfast in her commitment to preparing students to navigate the complexities of technology while fostering responsibility and critical thinking.

Overall, Ms. Kumar's journey embodies the essence of transformative education, where students are not just passive learners but active participants in their own growth and development under the guidance of a visionary educator.


‘As an educator, I believe that students need to take onus for their learning, be responsible and become decision-makers and calculated risk-takers to advance in life’.